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Ultrazvukom vođena regionalna anestezija (EN)

26.10.2018. - 28.10.2018.

Ultrazvukom vođena regionalna anestezija - tečaj pod vodstvom prof. Željka Župana

UZV Pluća i srca u hitnoj intenzivnoj medicini (EN)

09.11.2018. -10.11.2018.

Regionalna anestezija (EN)


Regionalna anestezija - jednodnevni tečaj pod vodstvom prof. Alena Protića


23.11.2018. - 25.11.2018.

ALS - tečaj pod vodstvom dr. Bobana Dangubića


01.12.2018. - 03.12.2018.

ETC - tečaj pod vodstvom dr. Damira Štiglića

Skills lab is a specialized classroom organized, equipped and modeled after skill labs in most medical colleges in Western Europe and in the USA. In Skills lab students are taught medical skills that are essential in the training of doctors and other medical staff that cannot be learned during clinical teaching in the hospital with real patients and real life situations.

One of the most important segments in the education of medical students and other health care professionals is cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) through basic procedures ("basic life support", BLS) and advanced life support (ALS).

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