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Ultrazvukom vođena regionalna anestezija (EN)

26.10.2018. - 28.10.2018.

Ultrazvukom vođena regionalna anestezija - tečaj pod vodstvom prof. Željka Župana

UZV Pluća i srca u hitnoj intenzivnoj medicini (EN)

09.11.2018. -10.11.2018.

Regionalna anestezija (EN)


Regionalna anestezija - jednodnevni tečaj pod vodstvom prof. Alena Protića


23.11.2018. - 25.11.2018.

ALS - tečaj pod vodstvom dr. Bobana Dangubića


01.12.2018. - 03.12.2018.

ETC - tečaj pod vodstvom dr. Damira Štiglića

Skills lab was founded in 2001. The establishment began through the Department of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care, with professor Alan Šustić, MD, PhD as the Head of the Department. It was difficult to find adequate place for such classroom, so former kindergarten premises in KBC Rijeka at Sušak were the most suitable area for accommodation of all the necessary equipment and lab itself at that time. Premises were extremely devastated and required huge investment and restoration.

In 2012 Skills lab moved to new premises. It is now a part of the University Campus on Trsat.

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