Upcoming Courses

ERC has developed a course of Advanced Life Support - ALS, which is based on the ERC guidelines. ALS course teaches theoretical and practical skills needed to prevent early stages of cardiopulmonary arrest in adults.
ALS course lasts for two days and the pace is intense. ALS manual is given to participants one month before the course, along with the test that must be fulfilled, and brought on the first day of the course.
It is assumed that participants possess skills in BLS (Basic Life Support).

Skills acquired:

bullet black BLS (CPR)
bullet black Cardiac monitoring and evaluation of emergency ECG
bullet black Defibrillation
bullet black Securing the airway (OF and NF airway, ET intubation, laryngeal mask)
bullet black Managing seriously ill patient
bullet black Treatment of reversible causes of cardiac arrest (4H and 4T)
bullet black Implementation of each step from the algorithm and team guidance

Members of the resuscitation team:
bullet silver Participant 1 - Team Leader + defibrillator management
bullet silver Participant 2 - Airway supply
bullet silver Participant 3 - ECG, defibrillator, external cardiac massage
bullet silver Participant 4 - placing venous access, giving medications, assisting with intubation

Target groups:
bullet silver Doctors
bullet silver Senior nurses
bullet silver Students (medicine, dentistry and senior nurses)

 Course goals:
bullet red Use of universal algorithms for emergencies in order to simplify and standardize procedures.
bullet red Synchronizing operating mode and raising the level of knowledge in dealing with emergency patients.
bullet red Streamlining and automating work during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
bullet red Improving the percentage of survival in patients with heart failure.

The price of this course is 3.000,00 kn for doctors, and 2.500,00 kn for nurses and students.

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