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BLS (Basic Life Support), a basis for any resuscitation, is a procedure performed without medical supplies, and this course is suitable even for laymen.
The course lasts two days and includes interactive lectures and demonstrations of skills required to provide quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

One month before the start of the course, participants will be handed a manual with the material from the course.

Gained skills:
bullet black Recognition of airway obstruction
bullet black Releasing blocked airway manually, with suction, simple and advanced tools
bullet black CPR mouth-to-mouth, pocket mask, bag valve mask
bullet black Precordial kick
bullet black External cardiac massage
bullet black Using the automated external defibrillator (AED)

Target groups:
bullet silver Laymen (family members of cardiac patients who are particularly at risk of cardiac arrest)
bullet silver Drivers (driving school attendants)
bullet silver Volunteer units (Red Cross, GSS, etc.)
bullet silver Firefighters and police
bullet silver Seamen
bullet silver Students from the School of Medicine (medicine, dentistry, senior nurses, etc.)
bullet silver Nurses
bullet silver Doctors

Course goals:
bullet red Improving the percentage of survival in patients with heart failure.
bullet red Primary care of people with stasis of vital functions.
bullet red Raising the level of readiness/motivation in saving human lives by medical staff and the laity.