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Ultrazvukom vođena regionalna anestezija (EN)

26.10.2018. - 28.10.2018.

Ultrazvukom vođena regionalna anestezija - tečaj pod vodstvom prof. Željka Župana

UZV Pluća i srca u hitnoj intenzivnoj medicini (EN)

09.11.2018. -10.11.2018.

Regionalna anestezija (EN)


Regionalna anestezija - jednodnevni tečaj pod vodstvom prof. Alena Protića


23.11.2018. - 25.11.2018.

ALS - tečaj pod vodstvom dr. Bobana Dangubića


01.12.2018. - 03.12.2018.

ETC - tečaj pod vodstvom dr. Damira Štiglića

The European Trauma Course (ETC) is an innovative multidisciplinary course aiming at all medical professionals involved in the initial care for severely injured patients. The novel modular course concept is scenario based and provides state of the art team training in workshops and skill stations reflecting the prevailing European practice. Candidates participate both as team leaders and team members. The course runs over 2½ days and is, apart from two lectures and one demonstration entirely 'hands on'. During the first 2 days all major topics of trauma resuscitation are covered. On the third day there will be final practice workshops and assessments.

The price of this course is 3.000,00 kn.

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