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Ultrazvukom vođena regionalna anestezija (EN)

26.10.2018. - 28.10.2018.

Ultrazvukom vođena regionalna anestezija - tečaj pod vodstvom prof. Željka Župana

UZV Pluća i srca u hitnoj intenzivnoj medicini (EN)

09.11.2018. -10.11.2018.

Regionalna anestezija (EN)


Regionalna anestezija - jednodnevni tečaj pod vodstvom prof. Alena Protića


23.11.2018. - 25.11.2018.

ALS - tečaj pod vodstvom dr. Bobana Dangubića


01.12.2018. - 03.12.2018.

ETC - tečaj pod vodstvom dr. Damira Štiglića

This course involves the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to competently perform ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks. Ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks will increase the safety and effectiveness of regional anesthesia in clinical practice. The incorporation of modern anesthesiological techniques will contribute to the improvement of clinical anesthesia and overall safety in patient management.

Participants acquire basic knowledge, skills, and communication skills necessary to independently perform ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks in the basic regions of the body by structured educational approach using modern didactic principles.